Need Divorce Mediation Services in the Abilene, TX Area?

Divorce is one of the most emotional and complex areas of family law because it affects so many areas of your life. Your property, your finances and most importantly your children and their future. The divorce process can leave you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of what lies ahead. Amanda Allen understands the emotional toll of divorce and she is committed to providing strategic legal representation coupled with compassionate client-centered support that is necessary during such a trying time. Her representation will ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the fair and just treatment throughout the process that you deserve.

When mediation isn't possible, we can take a different approach

Amanda Allen has over a decade of experience helping clients navigate the divorce process. As your divorce attorney, she will work with you to build your case and explore all options when dealing with issues that may arise such as:

  • Temporary custody, support and residence orders
  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Restraining orders and protective orders
  • Disclosure of income and assets
  • Characterization of property as separate or community
  • Valuation of personal and real property, including household and business assets
  • Division of community property

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    Uncontested Divorce

    Even in the simplest of cases, the divorce process can be intimidating and overwhelming if you've never been through it. Allen Law Firm believes that every case is important no matter how complicated or simple it may be. Amanda will assist you throughout the entire process of an uncontested divorce by:

    • Preparing all necessary documents, including but not limited to

      • Petition for Divorce
      • Waiver of Service
      • Final Decree of Divorce

    • Appear at final divorce hearing

    Military Divorce

    Military families have unique needs when navigating divorce and custodychallenges. Amanda has forged strong connections with the military community inthe Big Country and is deeply invested in working to ensure these needs areaddressed as comfortably aspossible for military members, spouses and children.Amanda has extensive experience in dealing with complex divorce and custodysituations within military families such as:

    • Deployments
    • Changes in Duty Stations
    • Retirement Issues
    • Dual Military Issues

    Same - Sex Divorce

    If you are in a same-sex marriage and considering a divorce, it would be beneficial to hire an attorney with experience in handling same-sex divorces to represent you. While the laws are indistinguishable for same-sex and heterosexual couples, same-sex couples may face some unique challenges throughout the divorce process. Amanda Allen has the experience necessary to guide you through the possible challenges same-sex couples may face and will ensure your rights and interests are protected.